Experiences in cities

Mexico City

  • City buses and delivery trucks with particulate filters
  • Successful filter tests on construction machinery
  • From 2019 onwards EURO VI

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  • BRT Transmilenio operates with diesel.
  • Diesel sulphur standard of 50 ppm, only Medellín has had diesel with 20-25 ppm sulphur since 2018

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  • Urban buses operate with NGV
  • First electric bus in operation
  • Compliance with diesel sulphur standard of 50 ppm (~15 ppm quality)

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  • Diesel and gasoline with 15 ppm sulphur content
  • New RED (former Transantiago) tender will replace 2000 old buses with cleaner buses (electric or Euro VI).
  • Pilot project on construction machinery filters successfully implemented as of 2020

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