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The SDC’s Global Programmes in the Andes has been financing the Climate and Clean Air project in Latin American Cities Plus (CALAC+), which is promoted by the Global Programme Climate Change and Environment of the Swiss Cooperation agency based on an experience in the cities of Santiago de Chile, Bogota and Mexico City (2013-2015).

CALAC+ initiated activities in March 2018 and has an operations timeframe to February 2021. Through its activities, CALAC+ contributes to four of the eleven United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 03 (health), 07 (clean energy), 11 (sustainable cities) and 13 (climate action).

CALAC+ is implemented in four cities (Bogota, Mexico City, Lima and Santiago de Chile) and supports the implementation of measures to reduce emissions of soot, air pollutants and greenhouse gases in urban transport and construction machinery.

In this phase, the Program falls under the International Cooperation Office, as well as under Component 02 on low-carbon development and Outcome 02 on air pollution reduction with a particular focus on urban areas, all of which improve population´s health. Both are part of the SDC’s new Global Programme Climate Change and Environment (GPCCE) Strategic Framework 2017-2020.

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